How can you defeat status quo, inaction and overcome anxiety?
What I want to have happen for you is to crush your targets, be a cultural leader, and wake with the energy you need to live the life you want.


With the right mindset, you can tap into 40% more than you think you have and when you find those new gears you find a new sense of energy, a new level for yourself that you can take back into life.

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Defeating Average Documentary

In 2011 I started a journey in the middle of the Sahara Desert to defeat the average within. Since then I have run over 1,000+ miles in some of the toughest terrain on earth. From Iceland to Antarctica, from the Gobi desert to the Atacama in Chile.

In November 2017 I took on one of my greatest challenges yet: Racing Patagonia.

We are proud to bring you the full mini-documentary here on YouTube in Summer 2021

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Praise for Colin’s Speaking

"Colin is an inspiration! He was the keynote speaker at our company’s leadership ed-tech startup. His experience building leadership at Salesforce and dealing powerfully with obstacles in his adventure races was the highlight of the day. Colin is a storyteller who motivates while imparting tangible tools and tactics. The insights he shared to build and drive accountability, create transparency, and communicate effectively are already being implemented across our teams with a positive impact."

~Noelle Millholt, Co-Founder, Homer Learning

"Colin's presentation was spot on and super inspiring. His reframing of obstacles into opportunity, and leading with an explorers mindset gave powerful insight on his process to defeat average (and mindfulness)… something we can all apply in our daily practice. Thank you!"

~Jason Israel, Global Creative Director, Performance at The North Face

"Colin is an authentic leader and life long learner who brings curiosity, knowledge and presence to every interaction. We had the pleasure of having him speak to our company about the tenets of high performance. How he has balanced profound commitment and consistency through 20 years of selling & leadership, 1,000 miles of desert running all over the world, and highlighting the brutal work that underpins growth."

~ Peter Lehrman, CEO, Axial

Colin In the Media

High Performance Coaching

I’ve learned that great coaches and mentors are critical to success.  No one achieves anything without a strong team.

I have taken on many coaches in different disciplines in order to grow my capacity and resilience.  Business, mindset, nutrition, strength, and fitness, mindfulness, and running. 

Everything I have learned goes into the insights, tactics, and strategies I share with leaders, entrepreneurs, high performing professionals and all of you here.

Start Today. Make 2021 Extraordinary by Building Habits of Resilience and overcoming inaction, angst, and defeating average.

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