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Stage 1

Two Words…Absolutely Punishing!! I was humbled beyond belief by the challenge and my competitors. Apparently the first day hammers everyone getting used to the heat.  It started at 30 Degrees this morning and hit a high at a couple points of 46 C!  People here are amazing and volunteer and medical staff are gems.   All 8 of my tent mates made it in today, which was great.  Between 6 and 8 hours were our times.   We had to walk for kms through some very soft sand on the last half and it was mentally crazy difficult.  I paired up with my teamate Allison and Daveed from France to pull through.  Buddy systems are crucial for moral and motivation, I need to do much more tomo. I have two big blisters and had to drain them in the med tent tonight, everyone has at least one and many have more.  The sand gets in your shoes easily.  I feel unprepared on some of these aspects  but our vets and med staff are teaching us.

In addition, my pack is too heavy and a few pounds more than most, due to me being taller and too much gear.  I have to find a way to shed weight if I am going to make it.  I will do so in the morning.  We are well taken care of by med staff and if anything goes wrong they will pull us off the course, so no worry on safety.  We all admitted we thought of not finishing today, it was that tough. Everyone will be running on blisters tomo so we will see how that goes.  Encouragement from team is amazing and we will truly pull each other through.  I am optimistic tomo will go well with smarter racing and a more conservative pace.

However, its Dunes day tomo and will be tougher than today, and heat is up again tomo.  I will race smart and do my best.  Its hard to sleep, everyone is challenged by it, nerves, etc.  Its warm through and I slept on my sleeping bag part of the night.

Thanks for all the well wishes. It really means alot and keeps me motivated.

We also have a few extended team members who have done this before who I am in awe of.  Mehmet is 3rd, Louie 10th, David up there, Stef, Ernie and Sophie 2nd place team.  All our team mates are awesome, and I would not of made it without them.

I am soaking in the culture, the people, competitors and am keeping in mind being able to get some beach time post race and sleep in my own bed or on my patio when this is all over.

Mom if Brenda has shown you updates I am good and nothing to worry about.  Amazing experience!


ps. we are typing on very small mini lab tops and its tedious to get the blog out, will try to write as much as I can with my fat fingers.

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