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Stage 3

A tough day to decide not to start this morning, but feeling nautious I felt it was the safer route to go and safe my energy for a further day.

What it is taking some of our team mates to finish today is nothing short of unbelievable courage.  Some of them out in the heat for 8-10 hours…and other competitors literally coming in after dusk at 12 hours.  I was not prepared to be out there that long.  Again, I am awe inspired by the effort of everyone, man and women.  Its a balance of how much you can run in the morning when its “cool” until it soors to high 30’s and into the 40’s after 11am.  Most are out in the blazing heat (and I mean suffercating).  We took the approach me and non running team mates today of being the best supportive team mates we could be to team Canada and many from other countries.  After a crazy hour in the jeeps cruising dunes at 100km an hour with talented loal drivers, we arrived for finish line set up with the 20 drivers and volunteer team.  It was amazing the speed at which the top three competitors came in, including our fastest Mehmet.  It was helpful to know they were absolutely crushed as well.  It was a very hot and difficult day and fortunatley our teammates all gritted it out and made it camp.  We saw new friends Todd come through nicely and our Kiwi friend had to pull out.  His crack at today’s run after getting in real late was courageous.  He has decided to part camp back to Cairo, and we are happy to have spent time with him.

The med tent was full tonight, it looked like Mash 4007, with many minor and some not so minor injuries, will fill you in on those when I am back.  Mariska is trying to heal an infected toe before the long stage, a couple others have bad blood blisters and look to be ready for tomo morning.  I drained a blood blister again tonight and glued down a big toe nail that we be coming off at some point before I arrive home.

THANK YOU everyone for their encouraging and gracious notes.  You don’t know how much they mean to me tonight.  I have really battled all day with my decision pull out at late stage two.  My blisters will heal and am learning to ignore them, however the nausea stuck with me all day.  I am playing it safe as going out in this heat dehydrated is a recipe for disaster and I have seen a few unpleasant things.  As a team of three we are working towards healing and getting back in the race as soon as I feel healthy enough.  With how I was feeling last night, the weather today would have run havoc on me.  Again, I felt the right decision was made.  Come hell or highwater I will be getting back on course, if not tomo, for the long stage of 85km to at least try and hit the world heritage sight Valley of the Whales and soak as much up as a can.  In addition, it was a big uplift to support others today and raised my spirits.

My team mates have been super compassionate and supportive of us and everyone involved.  I also asked them to be ruthless and lighteting the load of my pack, which AMT olbliged and I will at least be going out when ready 5-7lbs lighter.

Again, thank you for all your kind words and inspiration.


ps.  Janette (my amazing physio therapist), you are in dire need out here! Thank you for your touching words.  Please book me immediately on the Monday when I return…and probably the friday!

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