Adventure, Iceland 2013
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Iceland — Day 1

We arrived at camp one last night after a five hour drive from Reykjavik. A couple of my running mates including Super Hiro from Gobi last year had some luggage issues, some not getting until the morning before we left or not at all, having to run into town and buy new gear and run in brand new shoes. An early challenge in the race for them, all part of the experience they will share when they are done.

They moved camp one because of the weather and when we arrived there was whipping winds that almost blew us off the bridge as we crossed over to camp. It’s a cold wet humid wind here similar to Toronto. We are situated not to far away from two big glaciers so its frosty here. In addition, it was so cold over night that we slept fully clothed! Morning was cold and foggy and they decided to move the water crossing (apparently up to the short ones) to another stage as they thought it would be a safety issue. 44k in the driving wind (at times 40mph+!)into your face with a steep incline on the last checkpoint was enough for us today. Feel good about getting this stage under the belt. Tomorrow is the same length and then gets a little shorter on day 3 and 4 and then the long stage is 65km since we are taking some deeper distances early.

I ran with Jessie from Vermont from my tent for 4 checkpoints and we had a solid rhythm. I also met Nate from Hong Kong and willem from the US later in the day. We have a bunch of vets in the tent including the guy ago came in 3rd today and my friends friend Ash from Thunder Bay was a solid top 30. Learning even more about new light weight gear from these guys and how to reduce pack weight.

Some epic views today, including some of the greenest greens, pure glacial blues, local sheep and mountain ranges in the background. The legs are sore but hydration is good and nutrition feels solid. Last night the winds were whipping and shaking the tent and keeping us awake some. Hoping for a better sleep tonight. The body has earned it!

If it rains it will be ugly at any point this week. We are looking for the rain gods to be kind. Day 2 will be a new adventure tomorrow.

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