Adventure, Iceland 2013
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Iceland — Day 2

Last night was cold as F! The tent whipped relentless all night and it was colder than the night before. Fully clothed in our bags again and I considered wrapping my bivvy/space blanket over my sleeping bags as a couple others with lighter sleeping bags did! I think I invented three new sleeping positions to try and make the knee feel more comfortable.

47km and five checkpoints today. 7.5 hours on course. 90 km under our belt and the two longest single days done Jessie and I teamed from start to finish both having our moments of challenge. We ran most the first three stages when flat or downhill and then ran/walk hobbled the rest.

Met a guy from Germany/USA that recently did the idiserod in Alaska (dog sled race) on foot and took him 28 days. Some incredibly accomplished people here. Ran a little w Chris from USA/Hong Kong from the GOBI, was great to see him again.

We saw some epic views today, scaling up the side of a mountain into crazy winds around 60mph!! We almost got blown off our feet climbing up and trekking down. At points it was right into our face, others at our back, but so strong it played havoc with our balance.

The knee was really stiff last night and I woke up this morning and through the night w some throbbing pain. It was ginger as we ran this morning and as we got farther into the run the pain radiated from my knee, down into my foot and front shin. The left leg is throbbing and the right is completely fine. Hoping to reduce the swelling tonight and may need to put a tensor on the shin or knee for the morning. The diet/stomach was completely fine today, after some unease yesterday and when that is dialed in I can push pretty hard.

In good spirits and hopeful for a strong day tomorrow on shorter distance, although I am sure it will be tough! Nicky plugged in your mix for Gobi final stage which was calming, Kyle hydration is solid and Janette hammys are holding up and enjoyed some of your playlists today.

Note to self: – if I do another one of these, bring poles, practice hiking up hills and mountains, and train on stepper. I am better but still much slower than others walking or hiking up.

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