Adventure, Iceland 2013
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Iceland — Day 4 ~ Bend, Don’t Break

Left leg is shot. Knee pain, tendinitis in shin and knee pain in right starting. I ran more than walked today as it was painful to walk and didn’t want to be out there all day. Upside it was a beautiful day out. Ran in tights and t shirt and after getting crushed yesterday in the wind. When we moved slow we enjoyed the scenery. The last stage I got some motivation and attacked the last stage until we hit 5km of jeep track with mid sized stones. Hurt like hell. Especially the downhill to camp. I’m ok going up hill, going down is crushing on my shin. After drinking recovery drink and putting feet up to reduce swelling I could barely move. Went to med tent and blisters are minor, knee is ok and just have to deal with the pain tomorrow. My goal was finish the day. Same tomorrow. If I can get to start of the long day, I can make it. Loading up on food and bed early. Chat on the other side of stage 4. Very difficult stage to start going through a lava tube! Off to sleep.

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