Adventure, Iceland 2013
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Iceland — Day 4

Stage 4 was a monster. I was hobbled to start with and made for a very long day. 10 hours. I basically ran walk the first stage, hobbled the second and miraculously once the pain killers kicked in I managed to run almost the entire 3rd stage. I felt a gust of wind behind my back and decided I would not stop until the checkpoint. It was my test for preparing to see what I could do in advance of the long stage. The last check point was up and down mountain side in stiff wind and hurt like hell. I focused on every step i made to reduce the chance of injury. My goal was to finish stage 4 and give myself a chance at the long stage 5. Mission accomplished. Thanks for all your well wishes they really mean a lot. Mar used your playlist today and was great! Tristan, had you on my shoulder to finish this one up just like Gobi. Checkpoint to checkpoint.

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