Adventure, Iceland Highlights 2013
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Iceland — Why?

Many people have asked me why I do these races or what I get out of them. Sometimes it takes until the end of the race to be able to articulate why. So while I am present in the moment, enjoying a cup of tea and a fantastic desert in a cafe in Reykjavik, I thought I would share what comes to me.

Its an opportunity in a short amount of time to get outside your comfort zone, to test my abilities and to come back a more well rounded person. Because I know I will learn at least five new lessons/things about myself that at the end of each venture will be completely different than the last. Within each race, the lessons learned can shift daily based on how the week unfolds.

I always meet individuals of amazing calibre that enrich my life and raise my own standards, some friends that I may have for a lifetime. The law of association applies here. Your success is a direct result of the average capability of the people you associate yourself with. I have been inspired beyond belief by the accomplishments of this community while staying humble in nature.

Outside the actual event, the journey leading up to the race is a learning process and keeps me absolutely focused on a goal that spills into my career and everyday life. I am constantly humbled by the people I meet, the power and beauty of mother nature and new cultures I encounter. In this way, I can live presently and be grateful for what I have.

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