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Chile — Words of Wisdom

I’ve been fortunate to have great mentors in this sport. As I head
over to Chile, I’m thinking about a few concepts they shared in the
last few years.

It was only five years ago I was brand new and entering my first race. Time flies!

1. Build the Routine

Everyday you are more trained to get up and run another marathon than the
last. Get up, rinse and repeat. You’ll be surprised how well our bodies can adapt.

2. Be unreasonable

Why not me, you? Be unreasonable of yourself and what you can
accomplish. What you have done in training has prepared you for everyday this week!

What would happen if you dreamed big today?

3. Nutrition for Life

Food is fuel. For a week you take the focus off the taste and on how
it propels your motor forward. Get in the calories so you can stoke the fire to keep going!

4. Gratitude

Be grateful. Cheer people in at the end of the race, it will lift
their spirits and yours. Joy is contagious! Its difficult to do this race alone, take some new friends with you.

5. Be preventative

Anything you can do to get ahead of injuries, blisters, breakdown, do
it! It will happen at some point. Best to be on the last day vs the
first few.

6. Go for Substance

Style doesn’t matter. It’s all about getting the job done, no matter
what. Your training will kick in. You’ll need to run, hike, climb,
walk and crawl in order to get this race done! Trust your feet!

Best wishes for all competitors.

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