Adventure, Chile Adventure 2015
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Chile — Pre Race

We settled up in San Pedro and got bussed out of town and into the desert this afternoon. We are camping above 10,000 feet in a beautiful rock formation and had a great sunset. Its about 7pm right now and the sun is going down. Getting windy and cold now, everyone has their down jackets on, it will be a cold sleep. Should be ok for the Canadians.

Ash and I grabbed a pizza in town and brought to camp for dinner. May have some left overs for breakfast!

Blake, I worked with Ash to get the pack weight down further. Will be at a good weight for race start.

Tomorrow we start Day 1. Should be around 40KM heading down from 10,0000 – 9,000 feet. Strategy is to go nice and easy tomorrow and get stronger everyday. Should be epic scenery tomorrow.

We have a great tent. Some vets and some new guys from Finland, US and the UK.

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