Adventure, Chile Adventure 2015
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Chile — Slow Down To Speed Up

We started the day above 10,000 feet. It was a beautiful back drop of orange desert stone formation against the high altitude volcanoes. My motto this morning was “slow out”even wrote it on my wrist. A disciplined pace.I have blown races up on day one or two before and suffered all week.

The elevation could be felt for the first couple hours and my heart rate was anywhere between 120 and 160. I moved slowly and put walk breaks in to make sure I didn’t burn out early. Ive learned a few things in the last four races. Wasn’t going to make that mistake again!

Once we got down to 9000 feet I started to feel better and had a burst of energy. I resisted using all of it and continued to run conservatively and walk every few flags.

Once we hit the last checkpoint we started a slow climb up an old canyon road for an hour. The heat was heavy and everyone moved slow. I didn’t really know what place I was in till finish but was aiming for first 1/3. My strategy was to go out conservatively and get stronger everyday. I was pleased to come in #25, above my expectations.

The training has been kicking in and over all feel very good. Same approach tomorrow. My friend Ash who has run this many times and came in 10th! He said tomorrow is longer and the 3rdday is very tough. Longer and tougher from here as usual.

BR – Feel Good. Our tent has 7 people in the top 25. A veteran and very positive group.

JY – Through two albums today. Aweome tunes!

KB – Salt, protein and amino strategy right on target.

RZ – Training is bang on and felt strong today.

Should sleep well tonight

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