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Chile — Canyons, Dunes And Salt Flats

Thanks for all the well wishes!
Day 2 went pretty well. It took awhile to get the body warmed up in the morning and the first stage was an epic canyon run and water crossing. About 20 to be exact. First thing in the morning the water was cold! After the 2,3, 19 I treated it as an ice bath for my sore feet. Over all couple minor blisters, fairing pretty well.
The second stage was a huge climb up to a ridge at the edge of the Andes. Amazing views!!
Going into check point two after 20km we ran down a giant vertical sand dune! Pictures on the website and I took a few. So fun!!
I was slow in the morning and made up some time on the 3rd stage. Their are some amazing hikers here who move fast. Alison my walking is getting better but still slow compared to some French and Swiss. Alps training I imagine! I can make up time in the flats and typically lose in the hike and climb.
In the fourth stage I was making some progress and we hit the dreaded salt flats. Ankle beakers for 5km. Everyone moves slow on them. Even the leaders in our were wasted end of day. The best was intense last stage. Everyone felt it.
I started slow again, got stronger over the race and held on at the end. 44k. 7 plus hours and finished a very respectable 27th.
The legs are definitely tighter but I know the routine. Electrolytes, eat, stretch and sleep and I’ll be ready for tomorrow. Slightly shorter at 39km but one of the toughest days. Will need all the energy and experience I have.
For reference I am wearing my fit bit. 50k steps yesterday and 55k today!
BR – Thanks for all the love and postings.
Mehmet – thanks for the suffering advice in training. It’s paying off!

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