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Chile — Resiliency Stage 2


My mantra going into this race was “Strong, Resilient and Grateful.” My continuation of “Strong, Relaxed and Grateful” from Iceland.
I talked with a couple people about preserving energy in this race. Today, as with many people, the breakfast didn’t taste so good and had to focus on keeping it down. Had to trek most the first stage. Once I got the stomach in check I was able to run a decent amount of the final three stages. We ran down and hiked up huge dunes and had a 15km salt flats from hell section. It was hot, monotonous, and crusty. Everyone hated it.
On a new note, bit by two bugs, one had sharp teeth, took a quill in the foot. Was pre warned but we’re hard to see. Surface wound. Pulled it out and kept going to.
Our tent had a good day. 1,2, 10,11, 12, 20, 43 (me), 50 and the Finns!
7/8 of us are in. Our inspirational Finn still on course. We know he’ll make it.
I’m tired, the body is very sore BUT I’m feeling better than any previous race going into the long stage.
It’s 74KM of hell tomorrow. We’ll have sand, salt flats (they are everywhere!), valleys, streams, climbs and whatever else they decide to throw at us. We have 36 hours to finish. Most, including me will go through the nights and end at some point between midnight and Noon…the next day. It’s a pilgrimage.
In that time we’ll stop at 10 checkpoints for 5-10 min and one overnight stop for 30 min to eat. Otherwise we are always moving. People will push themselves farther than they ever thought possible. I’ve been there. You don’t complete this alone. I know I will work with 2,4 or 6 people to get through. It was Mark from Canada and James from the UK today.
We’ll have an amazing adventure under the stars.
See you on the other-side.
Blake – safe travels to Chili, I love you babe! Can’t wait to see you at the finish line!! Fair warning, my shirt hasn’t been washed in 6 days. It’ll be “the freshest ever!”

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