Adventure, Antarctica 2016
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Antarctica to Kilimanjaro and Back

The Last Desert (Antarctica) 2016
Thank you all for the well wishes on the journey. I’ve been in Ushuaia, Argentina for a couple days now and to say it’s beautiful is an understatement. We are preparing to board the ship headed for Antarctica today. It’s been a six year journey to get here and never in my wildest dreams did I think even after entering my first race that I would be here.

It really started six years ago when I decided I was going to take a couple weeks away from work and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa. The training leading up to it, the education on preparing and setting myself up for an incredible experience on a Safari at the end of the climb made it a dream come true. However, something that was equally meaningful was turning the climb into a charitable one. Spending the last couple days of my entire trip visiting the school that I had supported, being able to bring pens, pencils, shoes and soccer balls and see the impact the money I had raised on the local community was incredible. It really was the trifecta to a perfect trip.

Since then, I have raised money every year for either the Impossible to Possible foundation (helping kids discover through diversity) or the Kilimanjaro Education Foundation (building classrooms and infrastructure in Tanzania, Africa), which I just joined the board over the summer.

I would like to thank Ray Zahab at Impossible to Possible for his unwavering support and friendship. His new Ultra Race – Bad Beaver Ultra in August in Gatineau Park near Ottawa, Canada was an awesome preparation for this Antarctica adventure.

In addition, Todd Grossman has been a friend, supporter and is the founder of Kilimanjaro Education Foundation. It’s been amazing to partner with Todd over the last few years on many projects.

As I head out on this Adventure, many of the things that keep me going are family, colleagues, friends and being grateful for what I have. Being apart of these amazing foundations keeps me grounded and helps me remember one person can make a big difference in the lives of other.

As always, I truly appreciate the time friends and family take to write on the blog during these races. It’s always incredibly motivating to hear from home.

See you on the ship and blog!


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