Adventure, Antarctica 2016
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Day Off Ahead of Race

The Last Desert (Antarctica) 2016
I settled into Ushuaia yesterday after a long pony trail ride from Buenos Aires to Bariloche to El Calafate and finally USH! It was great to get settled into the beautiful mountains towering above the cove and town of Ushuaia. I was able to see a number of racers from past editions of RTP over dinner and meet some new people who are going to be great to travel with, boat and land!

I’m heading out for a hike this afternoon to take in the local beauty, get acclimatized and test out the ankle. Since I sprained it a few weeks ago, its been getting better everyday. I want to see how its going to react to terrain ahead of getting out on course!

Many people I talked to last night are coming in a little banged up, especially those that have done multiple races this year. It will be an amazing feet for those who will finish 4-5 races this year! Respect!

Off to get into the trails!

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