Adventure, Antarctica 2016
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Day 4 – Short and Sweet

The Last Desert (Antarctica) 2016
Day 4 – Short and Sweet

We had a tough but fun course today and finally the weather gods smiled upon us. Three hours in, 25-30 knot winds came up and we had to abandon course. Just as we were getting in the Zodiacs, the sun came out and they thought maybe we should stay. However, the big problem is that wind pushes big chunks of ice into the bay and if we waited too long it’s possible the ice would block the path back to the ship…and we would get trapped on land! That’s why we always bring our sleeping bag and mat, in case we need to dig in. On the way back our driver had to maneuver around lots of ice to get us back to the ship. It was good timing for us to leave.

I ran and hiked pretty well today, but my heels and knee was super sore. Feeling the age! Really needed this break as did everyone else!

This afternoon turned into rest and recovery for everyone and the ship is sailing through two cool channels. One with some pretty big icebergs and now we are going through the Niemeyer channel. Its ice as far as the eye can see and the ship is pushing through a massive field of ice! We just saw some penguins swimming and a leopard seal on a big ice float! Everyone on board is taking pictures and video.

I am going to get a nap in before dinner and with a big meal should feel good tomorrow. We have two half day runs in at the most (pending weather) and then we start back to Argentina on Saturday night or Sunday morning for 2+ days! Days 3, 4 and the long day are always the most draining and we already have them all under our belt! So I am pretty much through the gauntlet. I focused on breathing and using mantra’s through the pain and obstacles this morning. I’m was starting to be very present today, enjoying where I am and this afternoon is an amazing sightseeing adventure.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! Hopefully we get some Turkey at dinner tonight!


P.S. We are done Day 5 as well. Internet was down. Writing is as we speak. 95% of race is done.

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