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Chop Wood, Carry Water

share this quote with a couple of my alumni every once in a while, to keep them thinking and poke some fun at their and my progress.  When it was first shared with me, I didn’t know exactly what it meant.

I had another ah ha on it this morning.  I started my day with 20 min of meditation.  The goal is to increase the amount of calm time or the % of time you are calm, vs. neutral or an active mind.  My meditation device from Muse measures this.

I get better at it every week.  On any given day, the mind can be distracted or really calm and the focus during the session is to keep the calm or reduce the activity.

I have had some truly amazing calm sessions.  Upwards of 85-95% calm!  What does it feel like?

Like taking deep breaths that pulse from your lungs and bring a blue calm across the center of your forehead.

This morning, unexpectedly I surpassed a new milestone.  I’ve been as high as 98% calm in past sessions.  Today I was really calm for 19:56 min of 20:00 min.  It rounded me up to 100%, but I still see it as not quite 100%.   I need something to shoot for! 🙂

However, being that calm is truly a great milestone for me.  One year ago, I started with 5 min three times per week.  Huge progress!

So, what’s next?

Well I get up tomorrow morning, put my meditation device on and start from scratch.  Every day is different and just because you had a good session yesterday doesn’t mean you will today.

What do you do when you achieve one milestone?  You do what you did to get there. 

Take your unique talents, skills and perspiration, set a new goal and move forward.

 Chop wood, carry water.

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