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Conscious Balance

Many people have asked me how I keep balance in my life.  Its a never ending journey.  However, I had this discussion with my coach recently and we talked through what balance really means.


What are you committed too?

What are you not committed too?

When you can be really clear on you are 100% committed to, and not, making choices get easier?

If it’s a partner, kids, work, a healthy lifestyle, you need to be all in.

That being said, if work is the only thing you are ALL in for, balance is likely suffering.

This past quarter for me, early February….was getting married. Shutting everything else out.

The rest of the month was heavy on the work, with a side of healthy living.

As we moved into March, healthy living took centre stage and spending time with my wife.

April was back on the road, delivering programs and onboarding new team members.

May is healthy living – physio, meditation, workouts – reviewing what was done well in Q1, adjusting the plan for Q2 and implementing it!

June I will be back on the road and I will be using some tips from my friend Kyle Byron’s article Snack good, work better.

Healthy living is something I am absolutely committed too.  It’s the foundation of performing at a high level.  I think about it quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily.  Its always on my mind!

What are you committed too?

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