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Frozen Eggs

I woke up one morning this week while on the road.  I finished my meditation and headed down to the gym, got on the bike for a quick sweat and back up to the room for a shower, quick bite, pack and leave for the airport. 

I had ordered an omlette the day before and it was huge.  So, I ate half, and put the other half in the fridge.  I had one brought up (the one in the room didn’t work) to keep my liquid probiotics cool.  Part of my travel routine.

The attendant plugged it in and asked me how cold I wanted it.  I said medium.  I expected it to be cool.  When I went to grab the eggs out of the fridge the next morning, I noticed a really cold feeling sweep across my hand.  

It was really cold! 

The eggs were…frozen!  What??

How frozen?  Rock solid! 

So, I put them on the table and thought maybe they would “thaw” while I packed up and showered.

No chance. 

So, for a couple minutes I was aggravated, hungry and thought this was not great customer service.  Then a breath came to me from morning meditation and I asked myself, is there anything good about this?

Two things came to me.  One, often when I travel I fast from dinner the night before (easy when you are sleeping) through lunch or to dinner that day.  Fasting is something I took on while training for races, and there are a number of benefits.  Will save that for another post.  However, I forgot about fasting, so was this just an opportunity I would have missed? 

Maybe, or could it be something else. 

Perhaps instead of saying “medium” when the attendant asked how cold I wanted it, maybe “I” could have been more clear.  Maybe it’s on me.  “Cold to keep liquid cold, but not frozen”. 

Out of this assault on my morning breakfast, came a couple opportunities for learning.

Out of distress, what is your opportunity today?

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