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Good Things Come In Small Packages

I’m on my way to San Francisco today and this weekend I was thinking ahead about how to have a healthy week. Like planning your work week ahead, a mindful and healthy week takes preparation.

I’ve often packed a partial bag of protein for my trip and walked right by the by the serving packages.  Not sure why?  For road travel, having small daily packages looks like it will be easy.   

There is a great juice shop right near the office and I typically pick up a couple green juices and one chocolate. I bring my protein mixer and in the morning voila, easy and healthy start to the morning. 

In addition, I will be taking my spirulina caplets with me (for additional greens in the morning to reduce the acidity level in the stomach) and liquid probiotic.  Focusing on reducing inflammation in the gut has been a proven key to long term health.

Lastly, the fish oil, vitamin C and vitamin D (until we get real sunshine) will be packed.

The kick in the pants you need. Sign-up for a better start to your work day.