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It Doesn’t Serve The World To Play Small

I got some feedback once that, “sometimes you need to be the person behind the scenes making other people great, sometimes you need to be the star.”

In whatever way you do that, you need to bring your own authenticity to the table.

Recently, I’ve asked some people around me what resonates most when I come and share my lessons from running adventures or from the blog. It’s good to confirm what value you bring, what lands and simple things you provide that you may overlook.

I really appreciate the positive comments, although I don’t write it for other people, it’s my way of giving back.

I write about my experience in the world and the lessons I learn. If people take some nuggets from them, then I feel I am serving the community around me.

If I wrote for other people, it wouldn’t be authentic.

In that way I am often intrigued by what resonates most, but not surprised.

When you bring your most authentic self, and do not play small, you offer the world a completely unique perspective, and yourself the opportunity to be great.

Who you are not to be GREAT today?


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