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The Experience Is The Product

On our flight back from the Dominican Republic last week, the head steward walked through the row of the flight welcoming everyone to the flight and share our itinerary and flight times. He was warm, he made eye contact, he shared valuable information and repeated the information four times as he walked all the way to the back section.

He shared the flight time, how the travel was on the way over, what we could expect on the way back, the altitude, the route, where we may hit turbulence.

As he turned to walk back up to the front, two things came to my mind. This guy knows way too much about routing, conditions and spoke with an authority of deep knowledge and he just went beyond “normal service” and elevated the experience.

Then it hit me…he was the pilot!

Both Blake and I looked at each other and said at the same time “was that the pilot?”


On that flight home, it was not the Delta plane, the new TV’s (which were pretty solid), but it was how he made us feel to begin and end that flight that was the product.

How are you differentiating yourself from your peers and competitors?

What is the experience of YOU?

To a great Tuesday ahead.


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