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Be Impatient

“Be impatient with limits on you, be patient with the process to be great”
-Dr. Bob Rotella, from How Champions Think

One of my adventure running friends when sharing his story always says “Be Unreasonable” in your approach to life. After beating every other person in the field in a grueling race in Chile, he knows a thing or two about breaking limits.

He represents being impatient with putting limits on himself.

On the other side of patience, I have a few very talented friends who are entrepreneurs. Whether through love of learning, falling into their niche, or building a business with long term objectives, each of them are patient through what can be a storm.

They represent being patient with a process to be great.

At the nexus of impatience for limits and patience for greatness lies life’s distractions and balance to live a unique life.

While others follow the usual path, which one will you follow?

While others give up just before break through, what kind of patience will you have?

From our last day in Provence, have an amazing end to the week.


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