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Control What You Can Control

There are thousands of people running in NYC this weekend and unfortunately going in, I hadn’t run in almost 10 days! This ankle injury has been hampering my usual training and I’ve had to get creative. I’ve spent a lot of time on the bike.

Typically on a weekend like this I would measure myself by steps, number of hours in field, Km/Miles run. Without the ability to run and get in many steps, I’ve had to focus on new metrics.

This weekend I wanted to get the same amount of time in (9 hours), and sat down to create a new list.

Take Sunday as an example:

Hours of exercise – 5
Calories burnt – 3,000-4,000
Hours on the bike – 4
Hours of strength training – 1
Number of leg exercises – 6
Core exercises – 3
Sprints on the bike – 8
Bottles of water w / electrolytes – 6-8
Number of injuries – 0!
Finding new gears – 2
Time in suffer mode – 60 min
Time running – 10 min!

I’m happy to say I hit all my metrics and have gone from no minutes to 5 min Saturday and 10 min running on the treadmill Sunday. Day by day.

When your usual KPI’s (metrics) aren’t going your way, how can you get creative, reframe and chart a new path forward?

Have an awesome Monday!


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