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Easy Detoxing Everyday

My friend Joy is a great nutritionist in Toronto. She has
been a leader in her industry for over a decade and provides some
awesome content on creative health eating and

As she shares:

“I follow a simple set of healthy, detox rituals every day — they
are part of my lifestyle and I honestly can’t imagine life without
them. I travel with them too! I don’t lose my s*** if something
happens and I can’t do one of them, I simply get right back on
track the very next day.
These aren’t “rules” or “have-to’s”, they are habits that make me
feel good and I know they are doing so much goodness for my body
too. These are habits I recommend to you, my joyous
See two of her blogs and video blogs below!

5 Tips for Detoxing

Travel Tips

Have a great end to the week!

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