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I Sprained My Ankle

Less than four weeks out from starting my 6th Adventure race in Antarctica and training was right on pace!

That was until I stepped into a pothole last week!

I was on my way to the gym, stepped in a pothole and rolled my ankle. Instant shooting pain! I felt it, and I could see the wince in the womans face on the street beside me. Sympathetic and feeling sorry for me all in one look!

I leaned against a lamppost surveying the internal damage as eight months of Antarctica training flashed before my eyes. Was I done? Could I recover? After a good 30 seconds of getting over the shock I knew I was done for the night. Time to limp home and lick my wounds.

First thing to do, call the expert. My good friend Janette! An amazing athletic therapist in Toronto to the rescue!

What was the challenge I was dealing with?

Within two hours I had the answer. A good sprain. Pit in my stomach. On the other hand, we had a solid game plan to put me in the best position to recover and get back in the game.


Rest, ice, compress, elevate and pay attention to it hourly. First 48 hours are crucial.

We chunked it out and created a two day plan with twice daily check ins and some quick hourly rehab to address recovery. Laser like focus!

A few days later it was less hobbling and more cautiously optimistic slow walking with a brace. When I asked when I could run again, the answer was 10 days!! Gulp. That includes two weekends where I should be running at least 4-6+ hours per day!

How am I going to replace that?

Two answers:

1 – You’re not

2 – You start riding the bike in a few days

I reframed what I could not get done into what I could…

Instead of an hour of running during the weekdays and massive long runs on the weekend I would start with 60 min on the bike (brace on), 90 min on Sunday and adjust from there with the intent of adding 30 minutes until the weekend to test out the foot for a light run. It’s likely going to be a light run and I need to be prepared for lots of hours on the stationary bike!

What’s the upside?

I was shocked into laser like focus so I don’t lose 8 months of training and a once in a life time experience
A big mental challenge and uncomfortability of a secondary plan. Every trip has required it in the past, so might as well start early!
I’ll need to find a way to find another gear in training. My experience is these races never go as planned, be ready for anything
Be grateful. I’m still in the game. If I run into challenges I can’t overcome while there….the journey is the reward.

Focus for the upcoming week:

Identify each challenge as it arises
Chunk out daily training while keeping an eye on the long term plan
Reframe expectations
Stay positive!
Leverage past challenges overcome
Find a new gear, and another…

A lot of people on this list have one day left to achieve big quarter end goals.

Take it from me, you are never done until you give everything you have.

Have an amazing day!


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