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If It’s Not In Your Calendar…

“If its not in the calendar, it doesn’t exist.”
– Me and many other people

I have been been a student of time management the last couple years and really improving. I have learned to live by my calendar.

Be ruthless for what goes in and what does not. I constantly review if that meeting needs be this week or next or not at all.

Will I be providing them value?
Will they be providing me value?
Is this relationship building and is it a priority for this week or next?
What are my top 3-5 priorities this week and how does this meeting further them?

I have heard it from many executives I collaborate with…

“If it’s not in my calendar, its doesn’t exist.”

For getting in busy executives calendars, that can be the toughest thing of all.

Are you providing them value?

Exercise recommendation from Tim Ferris
Take an hour over the weekend and go through your 2016 calendar
Look for the meetings and people (the 20%) that gave you 80% of the enjoyment and value.
Do the same for the negative…and make some adjustments in 2017.

Have a great end to the week!


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