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Lessons From Oprah

A friend recommended listening to a great new three part series on NPR:

Making of Oprah

Some lessons:
You are unique in the world, and can’t do anyone else…you do you, you do you
Pilot new ideas – test and modify
Really listen to your audience/community, listen deeply and modify your approach
Create your vision, and be relentless until its absolutely crystal clear

What I like about it:
Since everyone (of my generation) kind of grew up with Oprah, you feel like you are hearing a good summary of how someone grew up
Oprah started from nothing and with grace and character contributed greatly to the world, hear behind the scenes lessons
Her growth from a young journalist/host to “Oprah” took a lot of small and large failures, hear them here
Hearing how she kept making the next right choice in order to be visionary is compelling

Making Oprah

One of the best way to find your own path and motivation is to learn lessons from the best. Its never been easier because of technology.

A great way to spend some travel time.

Have a great Monday.


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