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As we enter the final day of our fiscal year at Salesforce I wanted to share a few perspectives going through my 11th year end at the company.
1. The road you ride
Emotionally in whatever profession you are in, there are ups and downs, moments of stress and release. If you think about the emotional roller coaster you ride, my experience is, the more you can flatten out the big highs and low lows, the more you conserve your mental energy and grit for the truly stressful moments/projects.

As you end this fiscal, how can you make modifications to the “way you ride” going into the next?
2. Be accountable
My friend was sharing with me a recent morning radio interview with Herman Edwards (Coach and Former Player) of the NFL and this is what he said:

“To him, his word is his bond. When he says that he is going to do it, he is going to do it.” Herman went on to say “If your words and your life match up, that is integrity.”
How often have you been in and out of integrity this year? This is only something you can control and only within you to improve. The good thing about being accountable, is you have many opportunities everyday. If you are out of integrity one day, you can wake up the next morning and really focus on the next.
One of the things I see often and experienced myself is that people often don’t realize people are watching your integrity. As Herm says, your word is your bond. Your actions speak loudly. People may not tell you they see you out of integrity…its on you to do your own self checks and partner with other people to help hold you accountable.

As a 2016 look back, how accountable were you on a scale of 1-100?
What actions will you take to up your score in 2017?
Who will be your accountability partners to support you?

3. Live Life with no regrets
Many of the great leaders I have worked under have encouraged us to live life with no regrets. I can look back on this past year and firmly say I have done that.

When you look back at the end of the day, on this past year have you lived your life with no regrets?

If you have, congratulations. How do you make sure you do it again in 2017?

If you haven’t, what actions will you take so that one year from now you can answer YES to that question?
Finally, in honor of a final flurry to the finish and the upcoming Super Bowl next weekend, make sure you get out there and Play to Win the Game today and #LiveWithNoRegrets.

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