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No Connection, No Problem

Sometimes you take for granted everything you have in major North American cities. While I was away I got to be really, really disconnected. It also didn’t hurt that I broke my iphone!
Just getting reconnected on it today.

What do we take for granted?

1. Having wifi period (no wifi in the middle of the Antarctic Ocean)
2. Having stable wifi (Argentina, not so much)
3. That people speak your language
4. That technology always works
5. We need technology to be self-sufficient

What you learn to do?

1. You talk to other people and take in the world around you
2. You learn to be patient and not just rely on technology but the guidance of real people
3. You learn the basics of the local language and get creative with signs and symbols
4. Remember paper maps! You should see how tattered the one I took walking with me for three days around Buenos Aires was. They still work!
5. To rely on your own manual skills, the kindness of others and your intuition

When the opportunity presents itself or you want to see what capabilities you have…take a technology break in exchange for “presence”…you may be surprised what you learn!


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