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Renewal Focus

After one big goal completed, I am always focused on recovery and thinking about the next goal I can mentally start preparing for.

What are the things I am focused on now for rehab. I got in touch over the weekend with my athletic therapist to create my next 4-6 week plan.

What am I focused on?



Small improvements in form
Slowing down with long stretches
Focusing on one legged exercises to return the spring to muscles
Increasing range in yoga poses

Why am I doing it?

Because I have seen the difference between good and great
Because a 2 mm change can make a massive difference
Because I am always learning
Because I saw and felt areas I could improve once I got back in the gym

During the holidays I will be going through my annual goal planning session and should have some indications by January on what the next adventures will be!

Have a terrific Tuesday!


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