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Two Lessons On The Way To The Start Line

Greetings from Ushuaia!

On my 2nd adventure to the Gobi Desert in Western China, just getting there was a roller coaster adventure.

From attaining and presenting all the proper country visa forms, to navigating airport obstacles in the middle of China where no English was spoken. To negotiating baggage payment (while they hold your passport) to figuring out what local delicacy in Kashgar, China may or may not upset your stomach prior to the start of the race, it had it all.

On the 24 hours from JFK through Buenos Aires to Bariloche to El Calafate to Ushuaia, my bags and I arrived in one piece. It’s crucial to keep your running gear with you on the flight. Losing a bag can cause major challenges in being able to start the race. I’ve already negotiated bag limits and weights in two cities, helped load my bags off and onto the right cart to the proper flight and successfully reduced some risks.

Never forget the lessons you learned overcoming past obstacles! The journey is the reward.

Cars and planes are done. Next up Friday we get on the boat!

In the mean time, I will be hiking around the valley tomorrow, getting all the kit prepared.

I’ll have a post out tomorrow that has links to where you can follow along.

Have a great Thursday!


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