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How I Recommend Getting a Mentor

I was talking to a group of young professionals yesterday sharing my path at Salesforce and my running adventures.  One of the things I talked about was mentoring and what it provides:

 1. Accountability

2. Learning from others success and failure

3. Understand a framework for success

4. Have an outlet outside your direct boss

5. Bring perspective outside your direct segment or company 

I got a couple questions on how to find mentors especially early in your tenure.

Here are my thoughts: 

1.  Ask you current manager if they have someone in their network they would recommend (inside or outside the company). 

2.  Work really hard and get noticed by people in your company that like to mentor those that deserve it.  Successful people like to mentor future successful people.

3.  Approach an appropriate level in your company.  One of two levels above is high enough.  You will get good value there.  If very senior people want to mentor you, let them come to you.

4.  Put your hand up.  Like a good sales person, better to ask and get a no, then never ask at all.

One of my favorite books on mentoring:


A Game Plan for Life – John Wooden

This list feels a little incomplete and would like to hear recommendations from some of you!!

Share your ideas and I will package them up and share back with the group!

Email me: cnanka@salesforce.com

Have an awesome week!


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