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Happy Feet

Toe Yoga.  Sounds different doesn’t it!  I finally got in to see a new physio therapist to address a nagging ankle injury this week.  As he assessed the weakness in my ankle he also addressed stiffness up and down the chain of my hips and hamstrings.  Some imbalances to work on. So after he did some work to relieve the scar tissue in the ankle and calve we worked on motor control skills in the feet.

If you can’t access single movement in the big toe separately from the other toes (which use two different muscle groups) while standing, how do you expect to recruit them while in motion?  Good question.  My Osteopath in Toronto had been championing the same thing for me.  However, what gets scheduled and made a priority gets done. The ankle has been hampering me getting out and enjoying the spring weather for a run.

While I worked on (and at beginner stages) of trying to lift my big toe off the ground while keeping the others stapled to the ground I thought, how often do we go back to the fundamentals of mastering our craft? The single processes that make up the collective.  Probably not enough.

When running into challenges lifting the toes off separately, the therapist had me only focus on looking at the muscle in the foot that activates the motion, instead of the toes themselves.  Big difference.

Sometimes we can peel back the layers and self diagnose, other times we need a coach to help us out.

I’ve booked myself in for a number of sessions to get the ankle back to health.  It will hold me accountable in getting back to working on skills proactively that make up my larger adventure success.

What single process skills can you improve this week?


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