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Spring Cleansing

With how hard we work these days, our health and wellness can get out of sorts. I was on the road for all of February and did my best to keep it in check. I am good bringing supplements on the road to break even.

I was more settled at home for most of March, allowing me to recalibrate on work outs, health and wellness. As I gear up to heal the ankle and prepared to get back to running, it was a good time to connect this morning with my nutritionist who has helped to guide me through a number of adventure races.

Kyle Byron in Toronto has been integral to the program. In addition to fasting and eating on the run, which we’ll share tips in the next few weeks, we talked supplements this morning and consistency in diet.

A few things came out of the conversation:

1. Vitamin D

Although we are coming out of winter and into spring, unless you are getting 20-30 min of full sunshine on your face and arms each day, you still need Vitamin D . I was about to put the “D” away for a few months. At the recommendation of Kyle, at least in the East coast, I will be using through end June and back on after the summer months.

2. Consistency in Greens

While on the run, we often don’t get as much Greens in as we should. Therefore, I am going back to getting greens in my diet and keeping some greens plus at home and the office. It’s on order, come by my cubical for a scoop anytime. In addition, when reviewing my nutrition audit, we found I wasn’t getting enough protein. Even another half scoop a few times a day can do the trick. Same thing, protein powder is heading to the office! Lastly, when I travel I use Spirulina in small doses to keep the PH level stay in check and add a little protein.

3. Pushing through Spring

While getting through allergy season (or for me rehabbing and rebuilding my nutritional program) Vitamin C or a good Multi Vitamin + Zinc is good to be taking daily to build the immune system. In addition, we discussed continuing probiotics or whole foods like sauerkraut to build gut health. More on that in a future post. Lastly, digestives (super enzymes) when going out for a big meal give your digestive system a head start to breaking down the food and reducing that full feeling.

4. Reducing Joint Pain

Fish Oil is proven to help with join pain. Yes, I am allergic to fish for those who know me well. Allergic to the protein, but not the oil! I have been taking it for a solid seven years and it’s a game changer for me.

Check out some of my favorite brands in the links above.

I find ordering online is easy and saves time or you’ll have a great selection at your local health food store.

To a good spring cleansing cleansing and building your nutritional foundation!

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