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Mindfulness for Kids

“Shhhh we are relaxing and being calm” says no kids. 

We stayed with friends this weekend in Toronto and got to spend time with their kids. Other than getting woken up at 7am, not our regular rise time on weekends, we had a fabulous time. 

After brunch with their extended family on Sunday, the 7 year old Avery wanted to know what the meditation headband was about I was using when she came to say hello that morning. I explained what it was, and how to use it and so we set her up to try it out. 

After 3 minutes listening to Ocean waves she said she felt calm and relaxed. So did her cousin as she tried it next. 

Pictured above are both of them sharing an ear bud each listening to calm music. Just prior they had been running around with other cousins in typical chaotic morning fun. 

Kids seem to appreciate the quiet time too. A few min of calm brought them down a notch and mindful. 

Sleep stories can be a great way for kids to wind down before bed. Check out the great ones on Calm.  This big kid certainly enjoys them. 

Have a great mindful day ahead. 

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