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I remember eight years ago we had a change in the structure of our sales teams. We had a sales segment that was going to split in two.  Some getting a slight promotion and others getting a slight demotion.  At least that is what it looked like from those in the storm.

I remember what the sales leader said at the time to that group. I’m paraphrasing below.

“The company you keep will define how you react to the situation.  If you wallow and commiserate with those who see this as glass half empty, you will all be eaten up with the negative energy. If you see the glass is half full, a short-term obstacle and benchmark yourself to those will grind through, you will rise with the tide.”

Some responded as expected, strong and weak.
Others were surprising, good and bad.

What did our sales leader know?

That this 6-month adjustment period, would be just that: in the long term of a career, just one data point. That data point would be telling though. Year over year who could identify the obstacles, build the plan, work the plan and overcome.

For some, it was professional maturity on learning how to overcome.

For others, it would define how they react in times of crisis.

Which one are you?


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