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Sometimes you need to see the proof

If I have learned one thing from leaders and mentors over 20 years you can relate it to this:

Ice Berg Theory

80% of the hard work is below the water line and you often only see the fluffy 20% above.

I was watching an Instagram video of an Olympic athlete last week and she highlighted her morning routine. There are some components my physiotherapists have been recommending for years around flexibility, warm up, and balance.  It really clicked for me. She does this every single morning without fail.  Am I that accountable on this area?

The answer was no. If it’s that important, which right now it is.  It must get done.

It had me thinking of past business examples as leaders modeled the way so I could see the hard work under the water line. That is when it clicks for me.

What about you?

  • Have you wondered how your peer got the promotion when you think you deserved it?
  • Have you thought about how a rising star spends their evenings or weekends?
  • Have you considered what is motivating people to do the best work of their lives?

Questions for mentors and talented peers around you to help you learn:

  • Can you tell me how you overcome your biggest obstacles?
  • Can you share with me an example?
  • When others wilt under pressure, what are you leveraging that allows you to push through?
  • What will success look like for you this year?

To finding your own secret sauce this week!

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