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Give people choice

We overload people with content in training.  We typically measure how many slides we can get through in a half or full day session. 

If I told you tomorrow, you would get to spend 8 hours in training and sit through 150 slides, how would you feel?

Shudder? Me too!

Shouldn’t we be measuring by comprehension, application and choice?

Research shows that for classroom instruction you need a physical break every 90 minutes, a mental break every 20 minutes (retention focused) and involvement (participation) every 10 minutes. 

Otherwise your comprehension is like a leaky hose and retention is drastically reduced. 

People will phase out and literally turn the brain off! We have all been there!

Tips for engaging training and team meetings:

Change modalities often

  • Visual, auditory and tactile learning 

Cover less

  • Focus more on retention of knowledge 

Active participation 

  • Get people up on their feet

Set agendas that allow for choice

  • Prioritization and focus chosen by your people  

Quick example:

Help me closing out this blog to review best practices.

90 minutes of training, fill in the blanks.

Physical break at ___ minutes.

Mental break every ___ minutes

Involvement every ___ minutes.

Read above for the answers!

The more you give people input on topics, increase repetition on recall and the ability to “choose”with their body and feet, the more you super charge engagement and comprehension.

How will you engage your people, partners and customers better this week?

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