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How to find your mentor

Many people have asked me how do I find a mentor and how do I make the most of that relationship?
Here is your three step play:

1. Find your mentor

  • Get noticed through hard work. Mentors often find mentees who remind them of how hard they worked to get where they are.
  • Pay it forward. Give before you get. Sharing your best ideas, humbly, will get you more ideas and mentorship back.
  • Put your hand up
    • Be willing to reach out to your manager/ leadership team for recommendations. Find someone in another segment or someone with a different point of view that is more experienced than you. 
    • Ask your manager if he/she would be willing to make a warm intro. Be ready to demonstrate “Is this person worth my time?” and have the goods to back it up. 

2.  Respect each other’s time

  • Come to every meeting 5 minutes early. 
  • Have a clear intention for what you’d like to discuss every time you meet. 
  • Provide one challenge you would like guidance on.
  • Treat it like a customer meeting. Send the agenda over in advance so that your mentor can review.


3.  Demonstrate gratitude
  • Always thank your mentor for their time, and follow up on action items promptly.
  • Manage the logistics.  Schedule time monthly in the calendar and be willing to be flexible.
  • Be open to reverse mentorship and don’t underestimate the value of your unique point of view and having an ear to the ground.
Thanks to a passionate member of my team (Sasha) who helped me think this through as we talked about mentoring today.
Have a great end to the week!


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