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Driving for retention

Earlier this week I found myself in unchartered territory: in front of a video camera.
My team and I are working on a series of videos designed to deliver bite sized chunks of knowledge, gathered from our community of sales reps, to help new people that come-up behind them.  In addition to building stronger bonds seeing and hearing from other members of our Ohana (Hawaiian for family), on a practical level, the series is designed to help us scale.
I’ve done a lot of live training, running customer meetings, some slideware recordings, but not that much video!
My topic of choice was one close to my heart: “How to Find a Mentor”
Knowing a topic is one thing, but creating a compelling and engaging video designed to teach a skill is a whole other ball game. 
Here were a few key takeaways I learned from my awesome team about creating compelling video content:
  • Grab people’s attention with a WOW statement
  • Have a strong why 
  • Have a personal story that draws the viewer in
  • Drop a few solid “learning nuggets” that support your claim
  • “Tell ’em what you told ’em” (aka, briefly summarize your point)
  • Close out strong
Remember that the best teachers always know when they have skills they need to improve on, and seek out those who have those skills to keep on growing!

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