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The moment of truth

My wife and I hit a soul cycle class at the end of the day on Sunday.  

We had a great Mother’s Day lunch, ran some errands and were lamenting it had been a food filled weekend.  

What to do?

Book a class to keep us both accountable to get off the couch. We figured better to try and get the class in before a busy week ahead. 

We tried a new instructor that had just graduated and had only 10 taught classes prior. Our instructor Sidney, brought some youthful energy to the session. She was more focused on being supportive of newer people since she was new herself! Beginners eyes. It was noticeable. Very inclusive. 

She pushed us up to a crest of effort through a good climb and just when you thought we were on the way back down, she identified an opportunity and that moment of truth. 

The opportunity to back off and slow down or flex the muscle of pushing through an obstacle, stretching capacity, be gritty, tap into the community camaraderie to persevere. 

I’ll be honest, I was tired!  My wife was pedaling hard beside me, the rest of the class was grinding away and there was no choice but for me to join the crowd! It reminded me why we went in the first place. 

Sidney opened up the potential for us to shake off some weekend rust and end the day on a high.

I went home and powered through three hours of work, ate a healthy meal and went to sleep grateful.


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