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TMZ and Top Gear

“I am not here just for the work. We need to get the job done. However, I have been working long enough to know that connection, health, happiness are things that I personally believe in an want them for each of you.”

Words shared from my friend Brian at his regional sales meeting this week. He has four teams across NYC, Boston and Chicago and hosts it from whatever office he is in that week. Its tough to keep groups in three cities connected and he’s come up with a fun way to do it.

He calls it TMZ! In his words plus what I heard, it’s:

  • A fun scattering of thoughts
  • Priorities for the week
  • Opportunity to connect with one another
  • Gaining wisdom from the team 
  • Share/hear some life lessons

They are also working through a team contest right now on building sales pipeline.

To qualify for the spiff, you need to:

  • Post one healthy thing you did that day (nutrition, exercise, etc)
  • Post the amount of sales pipeline you built that day

Sales is a tough job. My experience over the years is that when you identify the challenges in front of you, band together with like minded individuals and stretch through uncomfort to overcome, you find another gear.  The awareness it brings and access to a capability you didn’t know you had stays with you. Its growth.

Just one example of many was someone crushing a 5am workout and getting in early to build $300K of pipeline. Score!

When you connect a healthy mind, healthy body to camaraderie and a shared vision, this group has a great opportunity to find their top gear.


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