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Best of May – 4 Critical Themes of Leadership

In this recap of May the theme is what makes a great leader.  
Two articles and two podcasts that highlight four areas crucial to being a leader.
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Building Trust
  • Living with passion, risk and chance
  • Understanding your audience and how to talk to them
Sounds like worth the intake?
1. 10 Habits of Likable Leaders – If you want to be a leader whom people follow with absolute conviction, you have to be a likeable leader. 
2. What being a trusted advisor means to leaders – The Seven skills explaining what that actually means.
3. Tim Ferris – Phil Keoghan Episode – The Magic of Bucket Lists from the host of the Amazing Race.
4. Donald Miller Story Brand Podcast – Ian Cron—Can the Enneagram Make You a More Effective Leader.  Understanding how people think.
Whether May served you well or not, June is a brand new month.
Dig in.

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