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I am changing the way I eat

Well, changing when I eat to be precise.
I have been focused on getting to bed early and getting a full night’s sleep. I am trying to leverage that early morning time to get ahead of the day. That has been the one small improvement I have been focused on for the last couple months.

I am noticing, that although sleep hours are up (and solid amounts of Vitamin C and D), I am not waking up with as much energy as I used too.  Am I getting old?  

Yes, and….
I also know that I am finishing my last meal of the day too late. Sometimes as late as 9pm!!
From working with nutritionists over many years I know that you can get a lot of sleep but if your body needs to focus its limited energy on digestion (which can be up to 80% of energy), its not focusing on recovery.
Target for me is last meal complete by 730pm.  
I finished eating an hour earlier than usual last night, felt the positive impact in the morning.
It’s one small improvement I am committed to that along with solid sleep should supercharge the morning energy.
What small improvement can you make?

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