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Perfect day

I once new a Channel Partner, Karen, who concluded her voice mails and emails with “make it a great day” or “create a great day.” I always thought it sounded funny. 

Karen worked hard, had a great sales team and was very successful. 

It had me thinking recently of comparing my expectations for the day vs how it turns out. 

The more I plan the better it is. 

I have learned to be mindful and intentional in creating the experience of my day. It certainly doesn’t always go as planned. The more I focus on the potential of what they could be, versus  a lone sail in the wind, the more they turn out positively. 

So I’ve been thinking of how I create the perfect day. 

If it was truly perfect it would include steak or pizza! 

On a regular basis, here is what I plan for, starting the week or night before. 

Evening before

Lay clothes out for work 

Lay clothes out for run or workout 

Pack any food taking to work 

Zzzzz sleep 


20-30 min meditation off the alarm 

20-30 min of writing 

Take vitamins and probiotics 

30-40 min of exercise 

Work days 

Get on toughest tasks first thing in the morning. 

Run meetings on time, allowing for summaries or actions to be written before I transition to the next. 

A mix of coaching team members, project calls and interfacing with sales teams 

Check email twice per day. More work by what’s important and less by what’s in the inbox 

Get 30 min to eat lunch and just eat. With a colleague or in the park near office 

Thank someone for a job well done. 

Catch up on email on subway home 


Eat before 730pm

Spend time with my wife 

Get any remaining important work tasks done in the evening. 

Make modifications necessary for remaining weeks schedule 

Write blog if not complete for next day 

Turn TV off an hour before sleep 

Reduce as much light as possible in room including iPhone away from bed 

I’m sure I’ve missed some things and as I read through I laugh and think about how some days go awry. However, if I hadn’t really thought this through I would never get close. 

Back to old Channel Partner Karen I used to know. She reminded me, you control the potential to create and make the type of day you want to experience. 

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