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Undercover boss

A blast from the past and back by popular demand.  

I visited the Soho NYC Chobani retail store on the weekend. They have an eclectic selection of Greek yogurt, fruit and nut combinations. Peanut Butter Jelly (with grapes) is amazing!

It just so happened my wife recognized the CEO from this article. He was there tasting with his family. It seems he may have been taking in his own customer experience and really learning about his business from the ground up. He’s also been business investing in his people. 

“Chobani CEO just gave up to 10% of the company to employees.”

We popped over, said hello and that we recognized him from the article and loved his product. He was wearing sweatpants, a hoody and a hat, and we had to look at his photo a few times to make sure!

He shared it was meant as a retail experiment and to test some ideas in the market, but it’s been so popular (it’s packed 7 days a week!). They decided to open more concept stores in NYC and are considering other cities.

What did we learn:

  • When you can’t get direct to your consumer to differentiate in a super market, go to where your customers are!
  • Customer experience matters, no better place to see it in action than on the ground.
  • Never judge a book by its cover…and there is an opportunity in every experience if you are looking for it.

Keep your eyes open this week for yours!

Read the story here.

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