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4 Ways to Reduce the Burden of Task Switching

Have you ever had that feeling that your brain has been split in 5-10 different directions?

Sometimes within the same hour. 

Multi tasking used to be the looked upon fondly as getting more done. Unfortunately we realized, lack of presence and focus produced average results across many tasks instead 10 out of ten, on one or two. 

On average when you are distracted from deep focus on an important project it takes you 15 min to get back fully engaged. 

Its not lack of effort that prevents results, it’s lack of ability to focus for the right amount of time on the right tasks. 

Task switching will kill you. 

Four ways I have addressed it:

  • Block out more time for your top priorities. If it’s really that important it deserves a lion share of the time.  90 minutes is ideal.
  • Block out at least 30 min per day just to think and refocus during the day…or take a few deep breaths of fresh air
  • Build elasticity into your week. Identify which meetings can be rescheduled to the next if unforeseen urgent and important items arise, especially with top priorities.
  • Intentionally focus on reducing the number of task switches per week 

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