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Kathy Ireland had a paper route

I’m in San Francisco this week. I was on a run down to AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants after work today. Lots of fans heading down to enjoy some early season ball.

After being inside all day, it was great to get outdoors and take in some fresh west coast air. Depending on the mood I go for music or a podcast. Today, one of my friends had on his podcast, former supermodel Kathy Ireland. I was intrigued!

“If they say no the first time, I just put in the calendar for 6 months to go back again when either the decision maker has changed or maybe the situation has changed.”

“In addition to my parents as great mentors, like another mentor, Warren Buffet, having a paper route when I was a kid, both taught me hard work. Anyone can take mentorship from Mr. Buffet, they just need to take in everything he has written.”

Lessons I wasn’t expecting to hear from Kathy Ireland, in addition to the $2.6 B empire she has built.

I too had a paperwork when I was a kid. Managing money, slow paying customers, and early morning discipline were some of my lessons.

The Business of Thought Leadership

Go for Episode 42.

By the way, one of the co hosts Michael Palmer used to work at Salesforce in Toronto with me. Great guy. Smart guy.

Now he is blazing trails in the business of thought leadership. Really recommend his podcast.


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