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Push ups on the Pool Deck

Guest Post:  Kyle Byron (Nutritionist)

My Dad always said, “If you want to be a man at night, you gotta be a man in the morning!” And although I don’t usually take his lifestyle advice, I am fond of this phrase.

Ladies, forgive the gender bias here. After 11 years of nutrition and fitness coaching, I know women are tougher than men, I just don’t have a catch phrase for you right now.

My Dad’s point is, if you want to stay up late and party, you have to get up in the morning and train, or take care of business.

So on your vacation please go and have fun. But you have to take care of some business too. 

  1. Before you leave for your trip, do a bit of planning. Pack some exercise gear, pack some supplements (greens powders and fish oil would be two vacation favourites), pick what nights will be big nights, and order your groceries to be delivered the day you get back.
  1. When you’re away, aim for 33%-66% of your eating choices to be healthy. I like to have a healthy breakfast, a healthy lunch, but then eat whatever I want at dinner. If I blow the doors off at brunch, I only eat one more time that day, and it’s a healthy dinner.
  1. Do some push ups on the pool deck. Don’t tell me you didn’t have time to train on your vacation. Please. Think outside the CrossFit box and get something done. Bring a TRX band and hook it to your door or a tree. Go for an interval-cardio swim.
  1. Fast on travel days. That’s right – just don’t eat. Have some BCAA and Biosteel sports drink along the way, every few hours. Black coffee and tea are fine too. Lots of water. This fast will save you from eating crappy travel food AND increase your ability to burn fat. Don’t fast for longer than 36 hours.
  2. Have a strong mental game. If you have a few bad days, shake it off and have some egg whites. Don’t just give up half way through.

If you can do this stuff, you can still party, sleep in, try new food, relax, and so on, or in other words, have a killer vacation. You may come home a bit leaner than when you left.




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